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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Tera Europe helps its clients in their efforts to achieve their strategic objectives including equity and debt placements, joint ventures, strategic alliances, spin-offs, split-offs, divestitures, buy-sell side advisory and valuation.

Our collaboration starts by identifying client needs, creating a strategic plan, rigorously analysing the situation of the business, studying the sector, locating opportunities for investment/ divestment and negotiating and advising on the transaction and its closure.

Aware of the strategic importance of any corporate decision, we assist businesses by giving the utmost professional commitment

1. Corporate bonds

We are assisting corporate, financial institution and sovereign clients with their debt raising requirements.

Corporate bonds are issued by companies to raise more capital. Companies use the money to reinvest in their operations; buy other companies; or even pay off older, more expensive loans. Corporate bonds are a form of debt financing.

Corporate bonds tend to be categorized as either investment grade or non-investment grade. Non-investment grade bonds are also referred to as "high yield" bonds because they tend to pay higher yields than Treasuries and investment-grade corporate bonds. However, with this higher yield comes a higher level of risk. High yield bonds also go by another name: junk bonds.

Most corporate bonds trade in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. The OTC market for corporates is decentralized, with bond dealers and brokers trading with each other around the country over the phone or electronically.

2. Eurobond

Eurobond is generally a long-term debt instrument offered for sale in international markets by states or companies in a foreign currency to raise foreign funds.

If you want to make long-term investments in foreign currencies, Eurobond is suitable for you. You can perform eurobond transactions at Tera Europe.

3. Asset Backed Security (ABS)

Tera is enabling companies to reach long-term financing through its Structured Finance solutions with its team who have realized the first Asset Backed Securities (ABS) issuances in Turkey which have been rated with a “AAA” note representing the highest possible rating note by JCR Eurasia Rating and received “Turkey’s Best Structured Finance Provider” award by Global Banking&Finance.

Tera also provides fully fledged advisory services regarding Asset Backed, Mortgage Backed and Mortgage Based securities issuances by structuring the deal also on a legal and operational perspective.